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How Long Does Marijuana Linger in Oneís System?

Have you been smoking some weed? Sounds cool, but it is not when you are asked to undergo a drug test and you have little time to prepare for it. It is likely that you will be tested positive for marijuana if you have recently smoked it and you do not have any idea how to flush it out of your system. If youíre one of those who are caught in that unfortunate situation, you may be wondering how long marijuana stays in your body.

The most commonly used and tested for drug in the and other countries, marijuana takes longer to remain in a personís system than other recreational drugs. Other drugs are detected in urine tests only if they are used within the past few days. In contrast, marijuana can remain in the body for about one month. If you rarely smoke it, the drug can be detected within 10 days. For habitual marijuana users, the drug may last for about 45 up to 90 days.

How long marijuana affects an individual varies according to the drugís strength, particularly its THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. A metabolite produced by the body of a marijuana user, THC can last in the body for up to three months after using marijuana. Drug tests look for the presence of THC in the urine or hair, and the time it takes to detect this metabolite differs from one person to another.

Various factors affect the duration of THCís stay in the body, including the userís state of health, metabolism, weight, diet, exercise regime, and fluid intake. Marijuana smokers who have slow metabolism, poor diet, and little fluid intake are more likely to retain THC in their system.

How long it takes before marijuana leaves the body also depends on the amount of drug consumed, the frequency of use, and the manner it is used (orally or through smoking). Occasional marijuana users can expect the drug to linger in their system for about 10 to 13 days. Of course, the figure still depends on how much the person weighs and how much drug he or she takes in.

To be able to eliminate marijuana from your body, you need a change in lifestyle. Healthy diet, lots of fluid intake, and regular workouts contribute to quicker metabolism. Faster metabolism eventually leads to faster removal of marijuana from your body.

If you have only a few weeks to prepare before taking the drug test, then your best option is to use detox products that effectively rid the body of toxins caused by marijuana intake. Detox products work fast to help you avoid being tested positive for marijuana.

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